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Phillies Message Board And Forum

Below is a link to a Phillies Message Board I started. There are many out there but this one is different. I got tired of boards and forums that are heavily moderated. I got tired of boards that won't permit you to talk about off topic subjects. I got tired of boards that won't permit the debate to become heated and spirited. So I started my own.

This board is a group of people who have become friends over the years with their main common interest being the Phillies. However when people get to be friends they venture out into other topics of interest. This board allows people to discuss anything. We discuss politics, religion, hell even wild conspiracy theories.

The point is that it is not heavily moderated. In fact I have yet to alter or delete a single post. I have yet to ban a single member. This board allows you to be yourself. It allows you to take the flow of the conversation in any direction you want. However we need more people. We only have 5 regular posters. If we could get 10-20 we could really have quite a community of Phillies fans.

Our Phillies forum is also completely noncommercialized. There is nothing I'm sellin and it is free to join. You will have to give your email address to join but it will not be used for any purpose. It will not be sold to someone who can spam your address. Your email address will be kept totally confidential. Join up!

Phillies Message Board And Forum